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The quietest area of Rimini is perfect if you love having everything close at hand and the right amount of privacy

Close your eyes and imagine the golden beach of Rimini in the heart of summer… What is the first thing that comes to mind? We have a tip for you: perfect tranquility.

Spend your beach holidays in Rimini Torre Pedrera this summer, discover new wonderful emotions and relax because you are in the heart of the most peaceful area of ​​Rimini. Here everyone welcomes you with a smile, you chat with real locals, you feel safe and immediately at ease.

Torre Pedrera is a small seaside village that enjoys a unique beach: it is the best ever for families with children and also special for those seeking privacy. The rocks near the shore make the seabed sweet and safe, blocking the currents lulling you with small waves that caress the shore. Furthermore, the area is always carefully monitored by lifeguards who intervene for any need.

The beach is nice, well organized with bathing establishments and many services. A few steps are enough to reach the shoreline. Relax without worries under the sun or read a book, you can safely keep under control the children who make a sand castle on the shore.

In the evening the promenade comes to life: clubs, ice cream parlors, bars and many events await you. Don’t miss the concerts, the markets organized every week and the famous East-Coast Festival with vintage cars!

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